101 Simple Truth for a Better Life

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Top 100 lesson learned from book". 101 SIMPLE TRUTHS FOR A BETTER LIFE"


1. Be humble, you don't know everything.

2. Lift weights often.

3. Take walks in nature.

4. Seek discomfort often.

5. Think progress, not perfection.

6. Harness your ego

7. Don't sell out for a quick buck.

8. If you can do it now, don't wait until tomorrow.

9. Do deep work daily.

10. Only expend energy on the controllable.

11. Laugh at yourself. Chill.

12. Stop doing things you don't like.

13. “Whenever you are offended, understand that you are complicit in taking offense.” — Epictetus

14. Find a hobby that has no financial goal.

15. Limit your inner circle.

16. Train yourself to view obstacles as opportunities.

17. Don't talk about what you're going to do. Talk about what you did.

18. Read books to learn, not to brag you read books.

19. Do something hard every day.

20. People are not worried about you, they're worried about themself. Take solace in that.

21. Think deeply before making a decision.

22. Get sunlight exposure daily.

23. “Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those who you are capable of improving.”

24. Invest in one piece of art you find beautiful and put it in your home.

25. Get a loving pet and your joy will rise.

26. Set personal deadlines for increased productivity.

27. Brag on others, not on yourself.

28. Go to bed on time.

29. Don't take your phone to bed.

30. “Always say less than necessary.” — Robert Greene

31. Remember "well done" is better than "well said".

32. Realize you can learn from everyone you meet.

33. Don't compare yourself to others.

34. Pray when things are bad, pray when things are good.

35. Value your marriage more than your career.

36. Internalize the truth that hate won't heal you.

37. Read the classics. They're timeless for a reason.

38. Choose to be powerful, not pitiful.

39. Your temper is a liability, not an asset.

40. Self-affirmations are overrated, generate evidence.

41. Pay it forward often.

42. Don't worry about the price of a book, just buy it if you will read it.

43. To see wrong, and do nothing, is wrong.

44. Be a student until the day you die.

45. Work to owe no one anything.

46. Consider the cost before moving forward.

47. Be known as a giver, not a taker.

48. Every time you are blessed, try to be a blessing.

49. Value solitude

50. Lean into challenges.

51. Pursue experiences, not things.

52. Cut toxic people from your life.

53. Visualize success habitually.

54. Stop wasting energy trying to impress people on socials with fakery.

55. Have a good "why" for everything you do. If you don't, stop doing it.

56. Don't try to beat others, beat who you were yesterday.

57. Be strict on you, lenient with others.

58. Become a master of negotiation.

59. Read biographies of the greats that went before you. Study them.

60. Have kids. There is no greater joy.

61. Forgive, even if they don't deserve it. It's not for them, it's for you.

62. Spend time with older people.

63. There is no shortcut. Learn and get to work.

64. Build discipline, don't rely on motivation.

65. Don't shun cliches. Their wisdom is timeless.

66. Read to learn, don't read to read.

67. Read philosophy.

68. Determine your philosophy.

69. Fuel the habit bonfire.

70. Life in the present, forget the past.

71. Walk everyday.

72. Tell the truth all the time.

73. No job is beneath you.

74. Make a habit of hand writing "thank-you" notes.

75. Memento Mori - think about your death. Let it change you positively.

76. Gain wealth for freedom, not status.

77. Always be the hardest workers in the room.

78. Never be the most successful person in the room.

79. Process over destination.

80. Never walk past trash and ignore it.

81. Play chess.

82. Talk to strangers, it will teach you a lot.

83. Don't dogmatize routines.

84. Learn to succeed in subpar conditions.

85. Practice the law of action, not attraction.

86. Fail often, just don't quit.

87. When you fall, get up quickly.

88. Journal

89. Stop watching the news.

90. Audit your time every quarter. Where are the time-vampires?

91. Don't be jealous of those ahead of you, learn from them.

92. Your character is more important than your bank account.

93. Say no (a lot).

94. Success is more than wealth.

95. Don't judge others.

96. "Do to others, what you would have them do to you" - Jesus Christ

97. Wake up early.

98. Cut out alcohol.

99. Love your neighbor.

100. Live an interesting life.

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