The Motivation Myth

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Top 15 Lessons learned From the book "The Motivation Myth"


1. I thought motivation was a prerequisite to starting a tedious learning process. But it really is the result.

2. Motivation is the fire that starts burning after you manually, painfully, coax it into existence, and it feeds on the satisfaction of seeing yourself make progress.

3. There is only one recipe for gaining motivation: success.

4. Dopamine is released when we observe ourselves making progress.

5. If you want to stay motivated, if you want to stay on track, if you want to keep making progress toward the things you hope to achieve, the key is to enjoy small, seemingly minor successes—but on a regular basis.

6. Humble beginnings can create the perfect foundation for success, because starting at the bottom creates almost endless opportunities to enjoy small successes.

7. Accomplishing something, no matter how small the task, makes us feel better about ourselves. That’s why to-do lists are so popular.

8. Incredibly successful people set a goal and then focus all their attention on the process necessary to achieve that goal.

9. To reach a goal, do not focus on the goal. The key is to set a goal, use it as a target that helps you create a plan for achieving it ... and then do your best to forget all about that goal.

10. The people who actually achieve their goals create routines.

They build systems. They consistently take the steps that, in time, will ensure they reach their ultimate goal.

11. Talking to your friends and family about your goals can sometimes be a big mistake.

12. Research shows that people who talk about their intentions are much less likely to follow through on those intentions.

13. Studies show that twenty minutes of exercise improves your mood for up to twelve hours.

14. Research also shows that exercise boosts energy; why not take advantage of a natural energy surge when you probably need it the most?

15. If you’re feeling low, put your head down and focus on your process. You’ll improve—and you’ll gain the motivation you feel you lack. Don’t wait for motivation. Get started. Work your plan.


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