The Millionaire Next Door

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12 Characteristics of Millionaires from "The Millionaire Next Door"


Most millionaires don't want you to know that they are millionaires. In this book, the authors researched millionaires and found these traits. 


1. They live below their income. More than 50% of millionaires have lived in the same house for more than 20 years.

2. They spend time planning their finances. Creating a budget is a compulsory thing for more than 80% of millionaires. 

3. They think that freedom and financial security is more important than playing the high-status game of showing who is richer. 

4. They believe freedom means being responsible for your decisions. 

5. They are mostly self-employed. About 75% of them consider themselves as entrepreneurs. 

6. They are mostly between the ages of 40-50. 

7. They have savings that could last them for at least 15 years. 

8. They are well educated. Only 25% of millionaires have no degree. Majority of them have degrees and more than 50% have a second degree. 

9. They invest about 20% of their income in a year. 

10. They invest for the long run. Majority of millionaires hold their investment for more than a year. 

11. They buy things based on needs, not wants. 

12. They spend more time developing themselves and their skills than the average person.


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