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The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (the Authority) was established on 1 November 2003 as a corporate body, pursuant to the Civil Aviation Act, Cap. 80 (R.E. 2006).


The Act mandates the Authority to provide safety, security and economic oversight of the civil aviation industry in Tanzania. The regulated services fall in three categories: air transport services, aeronautical airport services (airside airport operations, ground handling, in-flight catering and aviation fuelling) and air navigation services.  In addition the Authority provides air navigation services in Tanzania.


Subsequent to its establishment, the Authority also established the TCAA Training Fund pursuant to section 3 (1) of the Civil Aviation (Contribution and Administration of the Training Fund) Regulations as amended.  The main purpose of the fund among others is to train Tanzanians in aviation specialities such as Pilot Training. The Authority now invites candidates to be sponsored by the Training Fund for pilot training for the financial year 2017/2018.



The candidate should meet the following criteria:


(i)            She/he must be a Tanzanian citizen;

(ii)          able to communicate thoroughly in spoken and written English

(iii)         must not be older than 25 years at the time of application

(iv)         outgoing and of a strong character, with a conviction and adaption  

             to a high risk industry/environment

(v)          Must be a graduate of Bachelor of Science or Engineering degree

Please note the shortlisted candidates must sit for and pass a written aptitude test followed by an oral interview. Furthermore, they will be required to undergo medical examination to establish their fitness to undertake such training. All tests and medical examinations will be undertaken by qualified technical personnel and designated medical examiners. Also, all applicants must submit certified copies of their relevant certificates including birth certificates.


Deadline of this application will be on 8 December 2017.

Issued by:

The Training Fund Committee

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation House, Banana Ukonga

P.O. Box 2819,


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