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Tarehe Iliyotolewa: 2023-06-08

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Consultant to develop Drowning Prevention National Plan in Zanzibar-(2305144)


Contractual Arrangement: External consultant

Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days):20 DAYS


Job Posting

:Jun 7, 2023, 5:28:39 AM

Closing Date

:Jun 27, 2023, 2:59:00 PM

Primary Location

:Tanzania, United Republic of-Zanzibar


:AF_TZA Tanzania




IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the deadline for receipt of applications indicated above reflects your personal device's system settings.


Purpose of the Consultancy:

Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean which is a semi-autonomous part of the United Republic of Tanzania which has its own Government, a President, Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and other government structures. It has an estimated population of 1.6 million, mainly inhabited by two major islands called Unguja and Pemba. The main sources of income are agricultural products like cloves, tourism, trade, fishery, and subsistence farming.

As with any other island in the world, Zanzibar is vulnerable to various natural and manmade hazards and disasters. According to the Zanzibar hazards risk profile of 2021, the island is vulnerable to various hazards including COVID-19, Cholera outbreaks, pest infestations, floods, tropical cyclones, drought, Tsunami, earthquakes, food poisoning, oil spills, building collapse, terrorism, marine accidents, road accidents, and fire outbreaks. When these events occur, they cause loss of lives and properties, and environmental and infrastructural degradation among others.


Zanzibar has experienced several marine accidents which cause great loss of lives and economic impact to the Islands. Among the major marine accidents experienced, including sinking of MV Spice Islander in 2011 and MV Skageti in 2012. Apart from these two major accidents, there are many more minor accidents that involve fishermen and other sea users. Most of the affected groups by marine accidents are children, women, and disabled people.

In addition, the occurrence of seasonal floods in many areas of Zanzibar Island resulting from heavy rain leads to the loss of lives and damage of properties due to inland drowning cases, which cause deaths, injuries, disabilities, and damage of properties. The occurrences of such recurrent events forced the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to develop a Disaster Risk Management Policy of 2011 and the establishment of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Commission. Every year millions of Tanzanian Shillings are spent to respond to natural and manmade disasters in the Islands.

Deeply concerned by the fact that drowning has been the cause of 2.5 million preventable deaths in the past decade and reaffirming its commitment to full implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 75/273 on Global Drowning Prevention and decided to proclaim 25 July as World Drowning Prevention Day in April 2021. The Government, under the leadership and coordination of the Second Vice President Office,  also has planned to develop a multi-sectoral and multi-year Drowning Prevention National Action Plan  (DP-NAP) 2023-2027.


·         To conduct a desk review and analysis of drowning prevention in Zanzibar, that include but is not limited to legal instruments, strategic documents and interventions among others.

·         To develop Drowning Prevention National Action Plan (DPNAP) 2023-2027.

·         To conduct stakeholder orientation and consensus-building meetings for inputs to the DPNAP 2023-2027.

·         To submit the final edited version of the Drowning Prevention National Plan of Action (DPNAP).  


Work to be performed

Under the general coordination of the WHO Zanzibar Liaison Officer, Cluster Lead, and Violence Injury Prevention Officer's supervision, the consultant will  perform the following tasks working closely with the 2nd Vice President Office, Zanzibar Disaster Management Commission, and Civil  Society Organisation :

·         Prepare a roadmap on the development of the Drowning Prevention National Plan of Action (DPNAP) 2023-2027;

·         Visit government institutions, partners including UN agencies, CSOs, NGOs and other stakeholders which are engaged in drowning prevention activities;

·         Conduct desk review and situation analysis on policies, strategies, and implementation on drowning prevention;

·         Develop a National Plan of Action for the prevention of drowning in Zanzibar 2023-2027;

·         Conduct stakeholders meeting to solicit inputs to the draft National Plan of Action of Prevention of Drowning;

·         Submit electronic and three hard copies of the final version of the National Plan of Action on Prevention of Drowning for Zanzibar;

·         Conduct any other activity related to the development of the Drowning Prevention National Plan of Action.



Key deliverables from this assignment will include:


Expected outcomes:

§  Inception report on roadmap for developing the Drowning Prevention National Action Plan

§  Situation Analysis and stakeholders’ consultation report that will feed to the Drowning Prevention National Action Plan

§  Stakeholders consultation and consensus building meeting report

§  Final version of Drowning Prevention National Action Plan for 2023-2027



1.       Specific Requirements


English Language is required                       

Read:    Expert knowledge

Write:    Expert knowledge

Speak:  Expert knowledge              



Essential: Degree in social sciences or related subject.




·         Experience in developing strategic plans

·         •           Command of English and Swahili

·         •           Excellent writing and communication skills

·         •           Facilitation skills that involve government and partners forum



  • At least 3 -5 years’ experience in the development of strategic plans, protocols, and training materials with documented track record of successful completion of similar or related tasks.
  • Knowledge of the Zanzibar disaster and health system
  • Analytical and documentation skills, presentation of reports


  • Fluent in spoken and written English


WHO Competencies REQUIRED


1.       Communicating in a credible and effective way

2.       Fostering integration and teamwork

3.       Producing Results

4.       Building and promoting partnerships across the organization and beyond

5.       Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences


Other Skills (e.g. IT):

·         Good command of Computer Application Systems





·         The duration of the consultancy is 20 days. The consultancy is expected to begin in Mid-May 2023. It will involve travel to where the government will be and where they will hold the stakeholders’ workshops .

Proprietary Rights

·         Outputs delivered under this consultancy contract will remain the property of the Government of Zanzibar and WHO


3.       HOW TO APPLY

The UN system in Tanzania provides a work environment that reflects the values of gender equality, teamwork, diversity, integrity, a healthy balance of work and life, and equal opportunities for all, including persons with disabilities.


·         Qualified persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply for UN vacancies and are protected from discrimination during all stages of employment.


·         Interested candidates should address an application comprising of a detailed Curriculum Vitae, Application letter, copies of certificates/diplomas/degrees and testimonials via the following link: https://


·         The deadline for submission of applications is Friday, 9th June   2023, 13:00 PM.      


·         Qualified females are highly encouraged to apply.   




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