The Body Keeps Score



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Top 10 Top Lessons From The Book "The Body Keeps Score." by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.


1. In "The Body Keeps Score" Van Derk Kolk shows how many of us carry trauma from childhood neglect.

Heal your childhood trauma through mindfulness, yoga, and yoga.

2. Trauma is not a sign of weakness, but a real physical disorder in the brain.

People suffering from trauma may have flashbacks to traumatic memories, engage in risky behavior, and feel numb to positive emotions.

3. Your childhood attachment to your caregiver affects your adult relationships.

Children with caregivers who aren't emotionally tuned to their needs develop coping styles for getting their needs met.

They become overly anxious or avoidant.

4. A traumatized brain gets stuck in fight, flight, or shut down mode.

The brain's amygdala has an alarm system that warns of danger.

But a traumatized brain becomes overly sensitive to danger.

Constantly flushing the body with stress hormones.

5. Traditional therapy focuses on making the unconscious conscious.

But no amount of rationality can heal emotional wounds.

The focus of trauma therapy is to help the patient feel safe in their own body and live in the present moment.

6. Mindfulness is essential for recovering from trauma.

The first step to working through emotional trauma is noticing physical sensations in the body.

By noticing your body and focusing on the present, you train your brain to leave trauma in the past.

7. Train your brain to regulate emotions.

Seconds after the amygdala fires, the medial prefrontal cortex activates to quiet your emotional reaction.

Practicing mindfulness is one way to train your prefrontal cortex to bring you back to the present moment.

8. Body practices like breathing, movement, chanting, and touch are excellent for recovering from trauma.

Yoga is a great example of a body practice that uses breathing and movement to reduce anxiety, depression, stress, and even anger.

9. Social connectedness is vital for healing.

But trauma patients are closed off from others.

They can be healed by joining positive communities that create new social experiences of attunement, rhythm, and reciprocity.

10. Eye movement therapy cures PTSD with 60% effectiveness.

The therapist asks the patient to recall traumatic memories while moving their hand in front of their eyes.

The patient is told to focus on what's happening inside when they become distressed.

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